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An interesting dance routine for the launch of various PR games, most notably the Samurai game for the wii, as well as also promoting the show's episodes are all on Netflix. That said, the show having over 700 episodes is causing their apps to shit themselves, since they don't understand how a show can be that long. It's going to be split up into season chunks to make sure it stops.

So yeah. Interesting, though a few thoughts.

* Probably needed more rehearsal time. Some of the choreography was off, and Mystic Yellow just looks lost at the beginning there. That said, they most likely had very little time to get it done- Saban doesn't like the expense that goes along with actual planning.
* There are two Wild Force Yellow rangers (you can recognise WF by the diagonal stripes going from the neck to the right shoulder and the badge on the left breast). Making one a male costume doesn't really make much difference.
* What's going on with Mystic Red's visor? That's the one in the middle front for most of the time. It looks like it was broken... and replaced with the wrong design.
* White Drago Ranger (left row, white with black spikes along the sides) has gotten really fat.
* Saban is promoting the show... something that is relieving after so many years of Disney treating it like a red headed stepchild.
* And finally... there being this many good quality suits of past seasons available in the US means... original fight footage for the Gokaiger adaptation? I can only dream...
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