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Pinnace Studio Ultimate 14 HD first impressions. Also: complaining.

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I recently acquired a copy of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 14 HD (guys, I think you could add 'collection' super' and 'premium' to the title as well), and I'm playing around with it. My first thoughts: it's nice. There's a lot to do with it- there's a lot of fun things that I can play around with, like all sorts of wipes, green screen, and the like. My main complaint so far is just how loooooong it takes to render a file. On the plus side, the 'guided tour' is largely unnecessary because the layout is so incredibly intuitive. But hey, a full review I'm sure will be coming eventually. Maybe in video form!

And my attention turns to Applle. I recently bought some new earbuds for my ipod. The other ones died very dramatically and so I decided to buy new ones. In the past I have always defended the somewhat higher price for Apple earbuds because they were quite good. The sound is quite good for earbuds in their price range, and they are comfortable (quite important!).

BUT these new ones have terrible sound. They are the ones that also have the microphone built in, and just... no. The bass response is poor, forcing me to up the bass on the EQ. The only reason you should ever use EQ on a stereo is to compensate for poor speakers. It's the reason why I have to do so for these earbuds. Ugh. I'm probably going to forget I have EQ on and when I plug my Sennheisers and wonder why the sound on the album is so dark. grr.
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